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April 2012

I will be doing the Blogging Through A to Z challenge throughout the month of April. Post titles will work their way through the alphabet, beginning with the letter A and consecutively through Z. Sundays 2, 3, and 4 will be off-days when I will post an ordinary post. My posts won't change in nature; they will still discuss things I've learned from nature and children and will still foster a kinder world.

I hope you enjoy reading these posts and thank you for your support.



I'm excited to have all my stuff at one site. A lot has been happening this year and, because of all your wonderful support, I've outgrown the previous blog. But don't fret! All the posts and comments have been moved over to this site. One of the great things about this move is that it's now easy for you to get notifications of new posts via Twitter, Google +, and Facebook (on the left hand side of the page), or by e-mail (at the end of each blog post). Also, if you choose to leave a comment and have a blog site or website, a backlink will now be created. 

Word of mouth will be easier too. People just need to go to and they will be directed to this site.

Many of you have requested information about my professional publications so I am providing links to my favorite four (that support reading and writing). Also, the first three e-books in the Animal Tales series ARE AVAILABLE! Links are provided below.

For those of you who haven't been introduced to Animal Tales yet, it's a series of 12 chapter books written as controlled readers for 3rd-5th graders. Thus, a child with good phonic skills and good sight word recognition can successfully read these books. They are based on Dr. Phil's Life Strategies; the Life Strategies are presented as fables as the reader is taken on an African adventure with Jake, Elena, and Nia. THE FIRST BOOK WILL BE FREE for a couple of week! Others are $2.99 each.

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