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The True Value of Time - Olympic Edition

 A few weeks ago, I posted the True Value of Time. Watching the Olympics made me realize this could be extended to an Olymic Edition: 

To realize the value of a lifetime, ask an athlete who won Gold.

To realize the value of ten years, ask an athlete who left his parents at age 8 for the opportunity to work with a great coach.

To realize the value of four years, ask an athlete training hard for redemption.

To realize the value of one year, ask an athlete unable to compete because she's too young.

To realize the value of one week, ask an athlete at the end of his Olympic meet..

To realize the value of one minute, ask an athlete waiting for her score to be posted. 

To realize the value of less than a second, as a racer who took silver. 

To realize the value of a friend or family member, count the number of hours they've been your biggest cheerleaders, and the amount of time they've taken second-place to training.

Time waits for no-one. Treasure every moment you have at the Olympic Games and share many with the ones you love!


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